Jul 202019

Date Lost: 07/04/2019
Area pet was lost in: West Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (305) 439-1953
Contact Email: marcosxavier1119@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Otto
Approximate Age: 5

My boxer, Otto, went missing on July 4th near NW 6th St. and 132nd Ave. He is a very friendly and energetic dog, we believe that he was picked up by a vehicle and taken to another location. His family misses him dearly, it does not feel like home without him. We are trying every way possible to locate him but we need all the help possible. There is a $1,500 reward with no questions asked. Please, please, help in bringing Otto back home.

Jul 182019

Date Lost: 07/16/2019
Area pet was lost in: Hialeah – Lost
Contact Phone: (305) 922-1162
Contact Email: sandra.argiles@hotmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Roco
Approximate Age: 4

Area of 63 st and 4th ave

Jul 182019

Date Lost: 07/10/2019
Area pet was lost in: Miami – Lost, Pinecrest – Lost
Contact Phone: (305) 720-8226
Contact Email: vgiroux@miami.edu
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Diablo
Approximate Age: 6 years old

Diablo ran out of the yard on July 10. Address 7250 SW 132 St. 33156. He is sweet and friendly. We are offering a reward for his return.

Jul 182019

Date Lost: 06/08/2019
Area pet was lost in: Miami Shores – Lost
Contact Phone: (954) 646-8570
Contact Email: iris@irisdezign.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Pepsi
Approximate Age: 1.5

Pepsi got lost in the area of Biscayne Park around 108 street.
Please call if found

Jul 162019

Date Lost: 07/16/2019
Area pet was lost in: Miami Shores – Lost
Contact Phone: (754) 707-4293
Contact Email: adrilievano128@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Pascual
Approximate Age: 10 years

Mi doogie its so nervous, fears men its withe with brown spots it´s a mix Jack Rusell
he was lost close to 533 NW 103 rd
Please contact me any time

Jul 162019

Date Lost: 07/11/2019
Area pet was lost in: Cutler Bay – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 372-2673
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Lucky
Approximate Age: 7

Black and white Siberian Husky, lost in Saga Bay Area. He left his collar behind but he is chipped. Please help me find him. Thank you!

Jul 142019

Date Lost: 07/13/2019
Area pet was lost in: *Other – Not Listed* Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 333-6133
Contact Email: Chriviews@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: B
Approximate Age: 5

He is gray and white and has hazel eyes he has a rash on his tale

Jul 072019

Date found: 07/07/2019
Area pet was found in: Miami – Found
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Unknown
Approximate Age:

black or dark grey with white spot or spots. a smallish dog shnauzer or similar. i do not have him but tried to, 20 min ago, exhausted i lost him in the area of ne 54th st on east side of burger king, or street – maybe got into neighborhood of morningside. he was exhausted by then, as was i. i do not have or own him this is in case someone is looking for htis dog. he would run from me as i tried.

Jul 072019

Date Lost: 07/05/2019
Area pet was lost in: Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (305) 469-1615
Contact Email: Kimmyludwig@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Azlan
Approximate Age: 11

Male. Shih Tzu. Fluffy hair. Light tan fur with a black snout. I live around Buena Vista area. My address is 135 NW 52nd st Miami Fl, 33127. Please help me find him I have been his mother for 11 years and I still would love to be his mother. My heart is broken and I hope he is Safe where ever he is right now. Please return him to me if you see him or have him. I have a 600 dollar reward.

Jul 072019

Date Lost: 07/02/2019
Area pet was lost in: North Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 816-9173
Contact Email: Vangelicorea7@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Peluche
Approximate Age: 14

Breed: Poodle
Size: Medium
Color: Dark brown
Coat: Curly
Eyes: Light Brown & White (Blind)
Ears: Droopy
Nose: Small Black
Tail: Long Smooth
Collar : Type / Canvas & Color / Red

Peluche is a 14-year-old dog who is very friendly to everyone he see but could be a little frightened to people. He is sadly blind and sick, we think that he possibly has a tumor on his head since he has a big bump. He loves blankets and hates beds. He always rips all of his beds we buy him so he preferred to sleep on the floor with his blankets. He also loves food and would eat like he hasn’t for years. Peluche means the world to us so if you have seen him please contact us. His family is waiting for his safe return.