May 222018

Date Lost: 05/17/2018
Area pet was lost in: Coral Gables – Lost, Cutler Bay – Lost, Kendall – Lost, Miami – Lost, Palmetto Bay – Lost, Pinecrest – Lost, South Miami – Lost, West Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 348-3491
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 5 years

Very frightened neutered male, tri-color tiger striped, no chip, lost 5/17 at 9:30 a.m. Got away from South Miami Vets tech bringing him into vet’s office.He is an indoor only cat and his home is West Kendall so quite far away. He has a left back leg limp, clipped ear. 5 years, 10 lbs. Seen headed easterly down back streets. Did not cross Dixie Highway. Kendall/Pinecrest/South Miami area. Lost in unfamiliar area.Please help watch for him and report any sightings.

Please call Lisette at 786-348-3491. Thank you for your help. <3

May 042018

Date Lost: 04/30/2018
Area pet was lost in: Coral Gables – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 501-3580
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Female
Pets Name: Banana
Approximate Age: 1 year 2 months

Little, sweet Banana ran away from home on April 30th,2018 and we have been desperately trying to find her since, she was last seen near 37th Avenue and 16th street. Banana is a huge part of our lives and an important member of our family, we are so heartbroken over losing her and our boy Kiwi, please please we beg you to help us find her.. she is friendly, sweet, playful, and loves to be tickled behind the ear, she also has an adorable underbite complemented by a snaggletooth on the left side of her face, she is white with black spots but her face is mostly black. Thank you in advance for any information regarding her whereabouts !