Oct 152017

Date Lost: 10/03/2017
Area pet was lost in: Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (407) 484-2281
Contact Email: Dinapy0602@aol.com
Pet Gender: Female
Pets Name: Oreo
Approximate Age: 8-9 weeks old

I rescued this puppy from my neighbor who want taking care of it and didn’t want anymore. She is a very friendly and fun loving but also an escape artist. We only had her for a week before she got out of the fence on 80th street. I am new to the area so just found out about this site. She is mostly black with a white chest and store on her nose, small dot of white between her shoulder blades. Please help me find her, I really miss her and so does my older dog… They had already bonded.

Oct 122017

Date Lost: 09/26/2017
Area pet was lost in: Homestead – Lost, Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 243-9389
Contact Email: Hnc12916@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Female
Pets Name: Athena
Approximate Age: 4 months

She was a little bigger when she went missing than in pictures shown but looks the same fur color with her eyes a slight light green answers to Athena, loves to nibble on your fingers and chew up anything loves to drink milk,and loves to sleep on piles of clothes or soft blankets just a few things to pin point her personality as well as her looks…we think she got out of a hole in the gate caused by the hurricane and we have looked everywhere for her we live on 217 and 232 st area in redlands. she is an inside dog she only goes outside to use the bathroom she doesn’t know her way around streets. We miss her very much especially my four year old son with autism she is very close to him if you have found or seen her please contact us thank you

Oct 112017

Date Lost: 10/09/2017
Area pet was lost in: Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (305) 496-1696
Contact Email: patriciapastor002@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Female
Pets Name: Leia
Approximate Age: 1 yr 3 months

Oct 082017

Date Lost: 09/28/2017
Area pet was lost in: Cutler Bay – Lost, Homestead – Lost, Kendall – Lost, Miami – Lost, Palmetto Bay – Lost, Pinecrest – Lost, South Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 862-5978
Contact Email: Raquelc0713@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Bruno
Approximate Age: 7


Oct 082017

Date Lost: 10/01/2017
Area pet was lost in: Aventura – Lost, Miami – Lost, Miami Gardens – Lost, North Miami – Lost, Opa-Locka – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 217-5901
Contact Email: nessitahc@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: FLUFFY
Approximate Age: 6 – 7 years

Bichon/Poodle Male, not altered, HAS MICROCHIP. LOST FROM NW 193 Street and North Miami Avenue – LAST SEEN at NW 202 Street and 7th Avenue near school.

Has two missing bottom teeth, Afro haircut, 11 pounds.

Please contact Vane at 786-217-5901 or Bruno at 305-748-3439

Oct 072017

Date Lost: 10/07/2017
Area pet was lost in: Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (305) 684-2498
Contact Email: Judith810@yahoo.com
Pet Gender: Female
Pets Name: Blair Huerta
Approximate Age: 3

She is white n gray lots of long hair she wasn’t wearing her collar
She is not used to walk around always home with me She eats her special food and sleeps with with every night She is adorable shihtzu please help me find her

Oct 062017

Date Lost: 10/02/2017
Area pet was lost in: Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (796) 371-8632
Contact Email: Cassy.edmond@yahoo.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Snowy
Approximate Age:

Snowy has been lost since Monday, October 2. We are worried sick about her and want her back safely. Snowy is a white medium dog with beige coloring on her face. We love our baby and want her back home. If you know where she is or have her or know of her where abouts, please contact 786-371-8632 or 954-496-1448. Thank you!

Oct 052017

Date Lost: 10/04/2017
Area pet was lost in: Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (305) 794-1129
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Tanque
Approximate Age: 6yrs

Please if you find my American Bulldog call me at 3057941129 or 3057764729

He’s White with a brown Gray patch on his back.

Area Lost is By 147th Ave and 173rd st

Please let me know if you find him


Oct 052017

Date Lost: 10/03/2017
Area pet was lost in: *Other – Not Listed* Lost, Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (727) 265-5673
Contact Email: jonicebrown9@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Draco
Approximate Age: 1 years old.

Draco is a mostly white puppy with tear stains by his eyes and grayish-black pigments on his ears, back and tail. He is a shih Tzu and his hair is a little more cut than in any of these pictures, he has a teddy bear cut. when he sits his front right paw faces outward. He was last seen on 47th ST NW 2nd avenue around 6pm on October 3, 2017. Draco is not my pet, he is my baby and I need to bring him home. if you see him contact me, if you have him contact me, even if you think so PLEASE contact me. HELP ME BRING DRACO HOME <3 Cash reward offered as well.

Oct 032017

Date Lost: 09/30/2017
Area pet was lost in: Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 901-3383
Contact Email: dianagarciaeeuu@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: CLOY
Approximate Age: 4 to 6 months

Neutered and microchipped, black with coffee markings
Went missing from NW 11th Avenue NW 1st Street
Miami, FL 33128 (Little Havana)

Please contact Diana at 786-901-3383 (speaks Spanish)
Owner is heartbroken. Please call if you have seen him.