Oct 042017

Date found: 10/03/2017
Area pet was found in: North Miami – Found
Contact Phone: (305) 399-9773
Contact Email: Nicolerouse@hotmail.co.uk
Pet Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 3/4 YEARS OLD

Found what I believe is a Labrador/Pitbull/Rottweiler wondering around Biscayne Point in Miami Beach. Very well behaved, amazing temper and great condition, short claws, teeth in great condition and very white and knows basic commands in English.However I found him dehydrated without a collar or microchip.
Currently with a foster home while we try and find his owners, which I believe might have been a family, he’s amazing with children but extremely strong on the lead. If we don’t find owners the foster home would love to adopt but we still have some hope owners will come forward. He’s staying with a lovely big family, only pet so getting lots of attention.