May 132014

Date Lost: 05/13/2014
Area pet was lost in: Pinecrest – Lost
Contact Phone: (xxx)xxx-xxx
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Lucky
Approximate Age: 3 years old
He is all white, very friendly, was wearing a Green Bandanna around his neck that says “I’m Mama’s Dog”, and weighs 16 lbs.
Our fence broke and he got out, someone must have picked him up…He is not one to ever stray far from home.
Please return him if found, i will extend a generous Reward $$$ !!!!!


@@@ UPDATE @@@
Lucky has been found and is back home!

Apr 012014

I’m beyond delighted to announce that Oliver came back Sunday evening! I had spent all afternoon going around my neighborhood calling him. Got in my car to go see my parents and when I got back and parked I heard this familiar meow and there he was. I was SOOOOOO happy to see him. The other outside cats I feed seemed glad to see him too. There was a lot of rubbing going on ;-). He was really thirsty which leads me to suspect that he was probably trapped somewhere and maybe hearing me and his desperation (last time I had seen him was Thursday morning) motivated him enough to get out or to meow enough that someone got him out. He looks fine and was eating fine.

One more success story to give hope that those felines can return even after days have gone by.

Mar 192014

I got a find called today! Around 10:18am asking if I’m missing a lil female dog and to describe her, of course a mother/owner knows her child. I was so happy she was found even tho the story of how she was found wasn’t pleasant but I was greatful for hearing that shes alive and to see her again.I thank this site sooooo much, if it was for this particular site I wouldn’t have never gotten her back yes it took four long days but shes home now and that’s all that matters.

Jan 052014

**UPDATE** Luna has been found!

Date Lost: 01/05/2014
Area pet was lost in: Pinecrest – Lost
Contact Phone: (xxx)xxx-xxxx
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Female
Pets Name: Luna
Approximate Age:
Luna is a sweet gentle natured dog, and is good with other dogs. She escaped around 8:15 pm in the Palmetto Bay/ Pinecrest Area of (136 SW and 84 Ave). We looked for her within 10 minutes for about 3 hours both on foot as well as by car and combed the area. We believe someone has her, and picked her up. Please contact us any time of the day or night if you have seen a dog you think might have been her.

Jan 012014

*** UPDATE *** Max has been located and is back home!

Date Lost: 01/01/2014
Area pet was lost in: *Other – Not Listed* Lost
Contact Phone: (xxx)xxx-xxxx
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Max
Approximate Age:
Max was lost in the Falls area. He is a sweet boy and needs to be home. If you find him please call Candy at xxx-xxx-xxxx or Cathy at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Dec 012013

@@@@ Update @@@@ 12/1/2013 Charlie has been found and returned to his owner!

Date Lost: 12/01/2013
Area pet was lost in: Cutler Bay – Lost
Contact Phone: (xxx)xxx-xxxx
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Charlie
Approximate Age: 8 years old
Please help me find our American bulldog Charlie. He is all white with 2 black collars on. He escaped from our home in cutler bay near whispering pines elementary.

Nov 242013

Wonderful news! Rainey has been adopted by a loving family whose dad is a veterinarian who trains dogs! Please foster a pet who needs a home. With every pet that you foster, you save TWO lives…the life of the one that you foster, and the life of another who is then able to come into rescue to find a family of his/her own! The experience will change your world.