Jan 092018

Date Lost: 11/27/2017
Area pet was lost in: Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 370-0680
Contact Email: gracelau8071@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Pichurro
Approximate Age: 5 age

my puppy was lost 6 weeks ago (more than a month) we kept looking for him, he had his blue collar without identification, he only had 3 days in USA when he was lost he lived in another country, he has a microchip but it is not updated in this country, since the veterinarian can not find any information of the dog in the system, pichurro is 5 years old, he is not very affectionate or sociable he is somewhat distrustful but he can be fearful, he does not like dog food he likes more than humans, pichurro is only affectionate with his Pope who is looking for him very sad and hopeless. I ask them if they find it if they see an equal or someone has it Pichurro has an owner and is desperately looking for it even with hopes that they will meet again. I hope this in good hands of honest people

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