Jan 122018

Date Lost: 01/07/2018
Area pet was lost in: West Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 541-7221
Contact Email: altodzyn@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Female
Pets Name: Chiqui
Approximate Age: 5

LOST very small tan female Chihuahua named Chiqui. Last seen Sunday 1/7 in her yard on SW 43rd Street and 112 Avenue. If anyone has seen her please contact Miguel Palenque at 786-514-7221.
PERDIDA pequeña Chihuahua hembra llamada Chiqui. Domingo 1/7 en el area de la 43 Calle y 112 Avenida SW. Si alguien la ve por favor lláme a Miguel Palenque al 786-514-7221.

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