Mar 112018

Date Lost: 03/11/2018
Area pet was lost in: Miami Beach – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 509-9863
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Female
Pets Name: Lucy
Approximate Age: 2 years

Lucy was lost playing on the beach park at 81st Street in Miami Beach. She bolted to chase birds and still had her red collar and red leash on when she was last seen by Beach Rescue at 71st Street. We do not know if she continued on the beach or headed inland at that point. This is our family dog and we are heart broken. Please call, Reward is found.

  2 Responses to “Lost at Miami Beach – Beach Bark Park”

  1. I will bike around and go look

  2. Thanks. A very nice person found her and notified the Police. We have been reunited.

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