May 292019

Date found: 05/16/2019
Area pet was found in: Coral Gables – Found, Miami – Found
Contact Phone: (678) 983-6646
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Male
Approximate Age: Possibly 7-8 years old

Older male German Shepherd dog, mostly gold in color with some black. Not neutered. Found with brown collar and silver choke collar and leash but no tags of any kind. Found on SW 16 th avenue and around SW 24 Street on May 16, 2019. No chip. Not neutered. Healthy weight so does not appear to have been lost for long. Very calm, sweet, affectionate dog. Responds to commands in English. Gets along with our dogs and cats as long as the cats don’t run. Has calluses on his elbow joints, apparently from sleeping on hard floor. Vet diagnosed him with arthritis and he is currently on medication for that. We have also given him two baths to rid him of fleas but his skin is very flaky. His eyes have secretions at times but vet did not diagnose anything in particular with his eyes. He is enjoying chew toys such as bones and balls

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