Jun 082019

Date found: 06/08/2019
Area pet was found in: Kendall – Found
Contact Phone: (786) 253-4801
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Female
Approximate Age: unknown

It was raining and the dog came to our front door scared of the rain. So we let him inside but he had no collar. So we are trying our best to find the owner. The dog is really calm he/she might be old we are not sure. He/she has a long tail. Has big eyes, brown with a little white on its chest and floppy ears. We don’t know the breed. Hasn’t barked yet. We think its a girl but we are not sure. please call our number if you know anything.

  One Response to “found a dog without a collar”

  1. Hi, we lost our dog yesterday. We live in the Richmond West Area in Kendall. She had no collar on. We left her in the backyard while we went out and she probably got scared with the thunderstorm. Her name is Susy. She is a brown pug/jack russell mix.

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