Jul 052019

Date Lost: 07/04/2019
Area pet was lost in: Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 238-2476
Contact Email: miaminow@yahoo.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Mr Peanut Butter
Approximate Age: 2

Please help us find our dog. His name is Mr Peanut Butter. Our phone number is (786)238-2476 or (786)238-4146 our address is 5340 SW 4th Street, Miami, FL 33134, He was last seen here at home. He was lost on July 4th.

His microchip is 982000410269411

Mr Peanut Butter is 2 years old, male, Jack Rusell terrier mix or Basenji mix, tan (top) and white (legs and chest). He has a blue collar, he has one grey spot on his tongue, his left hear is bending down and his right hear is pointing up.

Please help us find him!

Maria Alejandra Baez

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