Jul 072019

Date Lost: 07/02/2019
Area pet was lost in: North Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (786) 816-9173
Contact Email: Vangelicorea7@gmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Peluche
Approximate Age: 14

Breed: Poodle
Size: Medium
Color: Dark brown
Coat: Curly
Eyes: Light Brown & White (Blind)
Ears: Droopy
Nose: Small Black
Tail: Long Smooth
Collar : Type / Canvas & Color / Red

Peluche is a 14-year-old dog who is very friendly to everyone he see but could be a little frightened to people. He is sadly blind and sick, we think that he possibly has a tumor on his head since he has a big bump. He loves blankets and hates beds. He always rips all of his beds we buy him so he preferred to sleep on the floor with his blankets. He also loves food and would eat like he hasn’t for years. Peluche means the world to us so if you have seen him please contact us. His family is waiting for his safe return.

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