Jun 212020

Date Lost: 06/20/2020
Area pet was lost in: Miami – Lost
Contact Phone: (941) 284-8468
Contact Email: gabby_sanpedro@rocketmail.com
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Geus
Approximate Age: 1 yr 1 mo

Geus was last seen at NW 56th St and NW 31st Ave. He is a tan dog with a white chest. He has light brown eyes, not neutered, tail and ears not altered. He had on a red collar with a PetHub tag that has a QR scan code with his and his owners information. He was last seen around 9PM on 6/20/2020. He was let out to the gated front yard and went missing. He responds to Geus (pronounced like juice). He will come towards squeaky toy noises.

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  1. try petharbor, they show the intakes into the shelters, and because you are NW in the county make sure to check Broward shelter too, put in Ft lauderdale as city for Broward, and Miami for MDAS

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