Mar 302018

Ju & Kyng went missing yesterday around 10am from around 152nd St & 112th ave. They decided they wanted to stroll around the neighborhood and became lost as they traveled just a little to far. As the day
progressed I made 4 separate trips out scouring the neighborhood. Searching from 117th ave to 104th Ave & 152nd St to 136th to no avail. My worries grew as the sun began to set with no sightings of either pooch. I just prayed they had stuck together had been snake to avoid other dogs and hazards and found somewhere safe to lay their heads for the night. I awoke to a few missed calls and a text. Someone had found them took them in during the previous day and cared for them, finding my post on here and contacting me. I rushed over they were still in the Heights on the backside by 109th Ave and i was greeted by my pups and their two new friends and a mother & son with big hearts who had saved my babies from some harassing children. I thank God for keeping and eye on them and for sending them the way of someone who would care for them as their own until i was found.