Dec 312017

Date Lost: 12/30/2017
Area pet was lost in: Pinecrest – Lost
Contact Phone: (305) 801-4907
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Female
Pets Name: Luna
Approximate Age: 6

Luna was lost today near the falls around 108 AVE and 138th ST. She is a friendly basset hound, white with lots of spots. She has never been away from home and away from her sister. Please help me find her.

Dec 172017

Date Lost: 12/17/2017
Area pet was lost in: Coral Gables – Lost, Pinecrest – Lost
Contact Phone: (305) 510-2855
Contact Email:
Pet Gender: Male
Pets Name: Wally
Approximate Age: 8 yr

Lost Westie near Kendall and SW 53d